Interieur et Paysage


Ayez envie

Extérieurs Design
  • Court School Games

    Court School - The color gaiety

  • Public Lighting

    Public Lighting - Sleek design

  • Roundabout perspective

    Roundabout - 3D perspective, a projection

  • Roundabout plan

    Roundabout - The plane, a 2D design

  • Public trail

    Trail - Safety and Accessibility

  • River crossing

    Trail - A secure river crossing

  • Public Park Entry

    Park - Stone and iron at the entry

  • Courtyard paving

    Court - Curved slab at the entry

  • Paving and gravel

    Court - A pink gravel arrival

  • Public Office courtyard

    Court - The pastel colors of a Public Building

  • Children's games

    Children's Games - an idea of the project

  • Neighborhood outdoors

    Children's Games - The playground in a neighborhood

  • Parking

    Parking - Functional and design both

  • Castle Portal

    Castle Portal - The old and the new

  • Portal Drawing

    Portal - Portal Drawing for manufacturer

  • Terracee and potted shrubs

    Terrace - Green and white contrast, touch of pink

  • Public Office

    Square - The integration of a realization

  • Lawn edge

    Square - The design in a detail

  • Urban Art

    Town - The art in the cityscape

  • Place and Bus Shelters

    Place - Security at bus shelters

  • Project plan

    Place - Draft for a presentation

  • Edge rollers

    Park - 3D view of a walkway

  • Nantua city Lake Boardwalk

    Walkway - Lakeside of Nantua city

  • Perspective

    Walkway - Project perspective

  • Beach and Pool

    Beach - pool with jets and waterfall

  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden - Pedagogy art